Identifying and Defending a Claim for Educational Malpractice

October 9, 2014

Donald F. Winningham III

ABA Section of Litigation Mass Torts Committee Newsletter

Donald F. Winningham III


In the years following America's financial crisis, more and more Americans are looking to higher education, whether in the form of traditional degrees or career training, to try to improve their employability. Though many of those who have obtained additional education and training have successfully parlayed such skills into new jobs, many others have failed for a variety of reasons to secure the new job they were hoping for when they enrolled (or re-enrolled) for additional education. The present state of the economy and job market could lead, and has led, to the initiation of litigation by disgruntled or unhappy students seeking redress for their inability to find work or for an alleged defect in the education and/or training they received.

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