Diversity & Inclusion

"Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance."
- Verna Myers, Diversity Professional

Bressler has long recognized that diversity and inclusion in the workplace create the synergy that leads to our success and forges unity of purpose in serving clients of all ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.  We strive to incorporate diversity and inclusion in our daily practices.

The firm actively monitors and reports its diversity and inclusion statistics at the appropriate intervals to various federal, state, local government organizations, and firm clients, as requested.  Hiring decisions are made on the basis of individual capability and potential in relation to the needs of the business.  We foster a network dedicated to empowering employees of diverse backgrounds to succeed both professionally and personally.  Currently, we have over 174 attorneys with approximately 43% minorities and females.

Diversity Committee

The firm has a Diversity & Inclusion Committee in place to ensure that our commitment to recruitment, retention, and promotion of legal talent from diverse backgrounds and experience remains strong as does our outreach to diverse communities where we promote opportunity and provide much needed support.  The committee, established in 2006, is comprised of 9 women and minority attorneys and 1 male attorney, 6 of whom are Principals of the firm.  It meets at least once per month to review program involvement, establish initiatives and, plan for upcoming events and evaluate its efforts and progress.  Communication among the committee members is ongoing and not relegated to monthly meetings.

Women's Initiative

Under the umbrella of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the firm sponsors the Women's Initiative Group which is comprised of women attorneys of the firm. The group meets quarterly to discuss the business of the firm and to provide internal networking opportunities for the group members. The Women's Initiative Group also sponsors events to help the women attorneys network with clients and to participate in client‐sponsored women and minority initiative events.

There is also a formal mentoring program which matches associates with senior‐level women attorneys. Complementary to the firm's internal Women's Initiative Group, several of the group's members collaborate with Marsh's Women's Executive Business to Business (WEBB) Network.