Sometimes litigation is the most effective way to resolve a dispute.  Our Litigation clients include closely-held and publicly-owned corporations, lending institutions, high net worth individuals, partnerships and sole proprietorships in all aspects of business litigation and dispute resolution.  Our experience reaches across a broad range of industries including financial services and securities, manufacturing and sales, products and services, real estate and construction, technology, franchising, insurance and energy, among others.

Our litigators are zealous advocates.  We guide our clients through the litigation process, through opening pleadings and discovery to trial, and on appeal when necessary.  Our goal is to protect our clients at every stage of the process.  We are acutely focused on utilizing the right strategy in order to present a compelling case that persuades judges and juries.  Whether our litigation team is working on a routine matter or involved in a large, complicated, high profile class action, our goal is to achieve the best possible result for our clients and to meet their objectives.

Our litigators are about results, and we use our firepower appropriately and effectively.  A positive outcome in litigation begins with clearly defining what the “win” looks like.  We work diligently with our clients to outline a strategy for resolving the claim, while defining what needs to be accomplished in order to prevail.  Every case and client is unique, and we adjust ourselves accordingly.  Sometimes we recommend filing a lawsuit, while other circumstances require that we pursue alternatives to formal legal proceedings such as artful negotiation, arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

We are problem solvers.  The decision to settle or go to trial can be difficult and involve multifarious analysis.  It is important to understand what is best for our clients, as well as understand the motivations of all parties involved.  The firm’s actual experience with high stakes, bet the company litigation allows our litigators to more clearly explain our clients’ options for resolution.  Our ongoing preparation and management of the case from start to finish serve as a catalyst for more efficient resolution.  We consistently avert nonessential motions and discovery, superfluous or unproductive arguing and unnecessary expense.

When the outcome matters, Bressler litigators are the right choice.  Despite a company's best efforts to avoid a dispute, sometimes there is no alternative to litigation.  Bressler consistently delivers the veteran experience needed to guide our clients through the often difficult maze of dispute resolution.  Whether our client files a lawsuit or seeks a formidable defense, we forge solutions when and where they are needed most.

In an era in which many lawyers seldom go to court, we do so regularly.  We stand ready to try cases.  Although most litigation does not go to trial and concludes with a negotiated settlement, mediation or arbitration, we prepare as if the case will go to trial.  Our trial readiness philosophy allows us to remain prepared for any opportunity or advantage that can be gained for our clients, both in and out of the courtroom.