We are committed to helping aspiring lawyers develop careers they can be proud of and offer unique opportunities for professional growth development. Bressler places a major emphasis on its Summer Associate Program as a primary vehicle to attract high-achieving law students from diverse backgrounds to the firm. Accordingly, Bressler Summer Associates do not have the perspective of “visiting for the summer,” but are instead given the respect, mentoring and career development afforded to all of our associates.

Our Summer Program offers a challenging and realistic professional experience. It is designed to acclimate students with Bressler’s culture and our legal practices through both hands-on work experience and opportunities to become well-acquainted with the other attorneys in their office. Summer Associates are encouraged to attend social and cultural events with firm attorneys, giving them a perspective on the lives of our people outside the office. Further, we strive to create occasions for students to participate in meaningful and educational legal opportunities or directly observe depositions, court hearings, trial, arbitration, mediation, closings and client meetings. Each Summer Associate receives individualized attention, one-on-one training, and mentorship. Ultimately, the goal of our Summer Associate program is to hire students who will later return to Bressler as associates and form long lasting relationships with our firm.

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  • Your opinion is valued, no matter your level of experience.
    Your opinion is valued, no matter your level of experience.

    Bressler’s Summer Associate Program allows law students to determine which legal path is right for them. As a Summer Associate, I had the opportunity to attend trials, a mediation, and a deposition. I assisted in conducting research, drafting pleadings, and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of cases. I worked alongside Attorneys who provided constructive feedback, and they were always willing to provide additional guidance on assignments. Bressler’s willingness to provide me with the experiences and resources necessary to hone my legal skills is what made me realize that this firm was where I wanted to begin my legal career.

    - Taylor Bandy, Associate, Miami (Summer Associate 2019)

  • The meaningful work-family life balance.
    The meaningful work-family life balance.

    "When I tell people about my job as an Associate attorney, the most recurring misconception is that my life revolves around being in the office, working late hours into the night, and rarely having time to spend with family.  One of the deciding factors for why I selected BAR as the law firm I would join as a newlywed just out of law school is because of the meaningful work-family life balance that is possible without sacrificing the potential for professional/financial growth. At BAR, I knew that my goals would be shared, that respect would be mutual, and that merit would be rewarded in kind."

    - Kyle A. Valente, Associate, New Jersey
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