Bressler's Trial Support Department enables our trial and litigation attorneys to focus on what matters most to our clients by unburdening them of trial logistics and support. Our dedicated trial support team consists of experienced professionals with a wide array of backgrounds including attorneys, litigation paralegals and graphics and technology specialists.

We offer clients a full range of trial support and manage all aspects of a trial including courtroom presentations, exhibit management, demonstrative creation and custom graphics, logistics coordination, and additional support services. We also provide clients with services to help ensure data security and availability during a trial. To secure digital devices from tampering and protect confidential information during a trial, our team provides encrypted tablets to enable a judge, jurors, witnesses, or an attorney to securely view relevant evidence, all while our team retains complete control of the content.

Bressler's internal team of litigation support specialists assist our trial attorneys to better manage all of our client’s litigation needs. Our expert Litigation Support team understands the ins and outs of trial technology and logistics, and they put their experience to work for our clients' benefit.

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