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On August 29, 2018, Delaware passed legislation intended to prevent exploitation of senior and vulnerable adults based on the NASAA Model Act. The laws are effective as of November 27, 2018 and apply to broker-dealers and state-registered investment advisers.

Delaware’s current adult protective services statute, adopted prior to the NASAA Model Act, includes senior investor protections. It permits broker-dealers, SEC-registered investment advisers and state-registered investment advisers to place an initial hold on a transaction for up to ten business days following the firm’s filing of a report alleging financial exploitation with the Department of Health and Social Services. This statute will no longer apply to financial advisory firms, but will continue to apply to depository institutions, federal or state credit unions and institution-affiliated parties.

The new financial exploitation laws permit broker-dealers and state-registered investment advisers to delay a disbursement for up to ten business days if the firm suspects financial exploitation and certain conditions are met. Other new provisions include mandatory reporting of the financial exploitation to the Investor Protection Director and permissive reporting to certain third parties.

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