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On Saturday, October 14, 50 Bressler employees, friends and family joined Habitat for Humanity of Collier County to help with post-Irma recovery and clean-up in Everglades City. Every structure in town was affected by water damage and many houses had roof and/or structural damage.

The projects were given to Habitat by Everglades City based on work orders the residents put in to the city. They were prioritized based on severity and need. The projects included:

  • Gutting the inside of a designated “historic home” built in 1925 by demoing and removing all cabinetry, countertops, drywall, insulation, wooden paneling, furniture, fixtures, etc.
  • Cleaning up debris for two homes where the homeowners were not able to do it themselves.
  • Handling some cleanup tasks at the historic Rod and Gun Club – a hotel/restaurant/bar famous for hosting a half dozen U.S. presidents, including Harry Truman, Eisenhower, and Roosevelt. They worked on hauling furniture out of the main building of the hotel, cleaning the flooring in preparation for new flooring, hauling drywall, and other clean up tasks around the property.

It was a very productive and fun day for a town that needed assistance. Residents were extremely grateful for the help and support that Bressler provided.

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