New Jersey Principal Cynthia J. Borrelli has been recognized in the 2022 JD Supra Readers' Choice Awards, which acknowledge top authors and firms for their thought leadership in key topics during 2021. Specifically, Cynthia is being named as one of the Top Authors on the platform in the area of Insurance. In total, across 28 categories, JD Supra recognized the excellence and achievement of only 267 authors selected from over 65,000 global authors who publish their work on the platform.

Each year, JD Supra’s Readers Choice Awards recognize authors for their visibility and thought leadership covering 28 key, cross-industry topics (10 authors per category), and firms for their visibility and engagement in the 28 topics covered by the awards (one firm per category).

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As the name suggests, the Readers’ Choice Awards reflect a deep dive into our 2021 reader data, in which we studied total visibility and engagement among readers across many industries interested in certain defining topics of the day.

JD Supra editors chose the 28 main topics covered in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards for their timeliness as well as their proven, ongoing importance. In each category, we recognize ten authors and one firm for consistently highest readership and engagement within that category for all of 2021. In total, across all categories, we recognized the excellence and achievement of 267 authors selected from over 65,000 who publish their excellent work on our platform.

Along with a top firm in each category, we also feature additional reader data, including the top five most-read articles, popular related topics, total number of authors, and other category-specific information.

Year to year, Readers’ Choice Award categories may change or be expanded to include additional industries or topics.

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