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Bressler Principal, Diana Manning has been appointed Gala Director of the New Jersey Women Lawyer Association (NJWLA) for 2017-2019. The Gala Directors oversee the planning, marketing and logistics of the NJWLA’s annual Gala. NJWLA’s Gala, one of the premier events in the New Jersey legal community, is designed to honor leaders from the judicial, public, corporate and private law firm sectors. For the past several years attendance has exceeded 650 people.

The NJWLA engages in statewide efforts to support and promote its members to the highest levels of law firm, government, academic, community, corporate positions and the judiciary. The NJWLA fosters leadership among its membership through promoting professional activities, mentoring, educational programs, networking functions and to generally promote visibility of its membership.

For more information about the NJWLA, please click here.


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