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Joining more than 45 veteran attorneys, principals D.J. Camerson and Michael T. Hensley share their advice for “What New Associates Need To Do To Launch a Great Career” with

“An associate needs to understand the importance of the client relationship and the foundation, including trust, upon which it is built. As we have seen too often, what takes years and hard work to build can be lost in a second with one bad decision or lapse of judgment. However, with experience, the associate will come to appreciate that the relationship with one’s client can be the most enjoyable and personally gratifying aspect of the practice of law,” Camerson tells

Hensley shares, “Associates tend to hear the word 'marketing' and immediately focus on trying to bring new clients to the firm. Of course, this ambition deserves praise. However, associates should equally explore marketing within the firm. By treating senior associates and partners as 'clients,' associates will learn the skills necessary to market true clients outside of the firm. In my experience, associates who learn to cultivate relationships within the firm by effectively communicating, being responsive, developing a niche, and providing excellent service, tend to attract work from numerous sources throughout the firm. These qualities seamlessly translate to attracting actual clients to the firm.”

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