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Bressler, Amery & Ross and its Women’s Initiative Group were proud sponsors of the Lustgarten Foundation’s 2016 New York City Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk. Members of Bressler’s team, Norma’s Network, raised over $3,500 and joined the walk on Sunday, April 10 in support of finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.

Norma's Network walkers included Bressler attorneys Stefanie Wayco, Cynthia Borrelli, Tracey Salmon-Smith, Karl Marquardt, Patrick Christensen, Katie Curtis, Consuelo Mejer and Heather Murphy.

More than 1,500 people participated and the event raised more than $325,000 for pancreatic cancer research. With the support of Cablevision, 100% of every donation received goes directly to research.

About the Lustgarten Foundation

The Lustgarten Foundation is the nation's largest private supporter of pancreatic cancer research.  Founded in 1998, the organization was named after Cablevision executive Marc Lustgarten, who died from the disease.  The Lustgarten Foundation is dedicated to advancing the scientific and medical research related to pancreatic cancer, the nation's fourth leading cause of cancer deaths.

For more information about the Lustgarten Foundation, please visit their website.

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