As a member of the inaugural class of the New Jersey State Bar Association Leadership Academy, Emily Bordens took part in a discussion on lessons learned and skills gained through the program. The discussion appeared in New Jersey Law Journal's "In Their Own Words."

Emily feels that "participation in this program has been invaluable," saying she has benefitted from the real world experience and insights speakers have shared. She specifically noted the good advice on how to effectively market a law practice and write persuasively.

The Leadership Academy was formed in an effort to help young lawyers attain the skills to become the next generation of bar and community leaders. Fellows were inducted in the program at the NJSBA annual convention in May and attend meetings throughout the year to develop her leadership and service skills.

The goal of the Academy is to raise the level of awareness and engagement regarding concerns facing the legal profession through the study of ethical, professional and public service issues and look to secure the future of the NJSBA by developing well-informed, committed leaders upon whom the NJSBA, state, federal and local government entities, local bar associations and community groups can call upon for leadership and service.

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