The Senate passed its second bill in what is anticipated to be a three part series designed to provide much needed relief  in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Further legislation will provide an additional economic rescue package that President Donald Trump’s administration estimates will cost $1.3 trillion. Here are the highlights:

Paid Sick Leave

H.R. 6201, provides workers at companies with fewer than 500 employees up to 12 weeks of paid family and sick leave to address virus-related issues, including staying home to care for children whose schools are closed.

Paid Virus Testing

The bill also pays for virus testing.

Enhanced Unemployment Support

Emergency grants totaling $1 billion will be provided for activities related to processing and paying unemployment insurance benefits.

Food Assistance

Will provide tens of billions in financial aid to states, including funding for the Nutrition Assistance Programs. Specifically, funds are designated for the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for women, infants and children and the emergency Food Assistance Program. There is also a provision to allow state plans to supply food assistance to households with children who otherwise would have received free or reduced fee meals if not for school closures. Finally, there is funding for senior nutrition programs to provide an additional 25 billion home-delivered and pre-packaged meals to low income seniors.

As the Senate voted yesterday on these measures,  bipartisan leadership were already working on the next proposal.

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