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Bressler Principal Diana Manning was quoted in the article “5 Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Women Lawyers.” The article appears on the Special Counsel blog, The Column.

The article discusses the divide between the solid number of women entering the law firm workforce and smaller number of women partners. While female talent is easy to find, retaining and advancing women in the field of law continues to be an issue.

“I graduated from law school in 1993, and my class was fairly equally split between women and men. I didn’t expect to be this far out and have so few peers left in private practice,” says Diana.

The five tips for recruiting and retaining women in law include offering leadership and business skill training and adjusting firm programs for re-entry after a long-term separation from work.

According to Diana, recognize that women leave law firms for a variety of opportunities and to develop arguments, beyond compensation, for staying in private practice. “You can make a lot of money doing other things that don’t involve the same amount of dedication as being an experienced partner would, but there’s an excitement in putting together a presentation a jury can understand, or battling wits with an appellate panel of very intelligent judges, and those are the experiences and opportunities that we need to talk about,” Diana says.

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