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Harassment in the workplace has been exposed as a pervasive problem. Does your business have a sexual harassment policy to combat it? Sexual harassment claims have been in the news a lot lately. News coverage has implicated powerful people in Hollywood, television news and politics, but, it's also a serious problem in many other industries. If you're a business owner, you've likely been thinking about your own company's sexual harassment policy. And if you haven't been thinking about it, maybe you should. Principal Jed Marcus is quoted in the American Express Open Forum article, “Have You Looked at Your Company’s Sexual Harassment Policy Lately?” by Geoff Williams. The article discusses the importance of sexual harassment policies, and ways companies can improve and implement them.

“All employees, up to the highest level of management, must know that anyone who retaliates against anyone who complains about discrimination or harassment, or who assists someone who is the victim of harassment or discrimination, will be disciplined, up to and including discharge," said Jed.

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