New Jersey Law Journal

The numbers are telling. Reports issued over the course of the year indicate that law firms could do far better when it comes to building their diverse attorney ranks. And it might seem that midsize and small firms are at a disadvantage when competing for diverse talent with larger firms—particularly in New Jersey, where the New York and Philadelphia markets loom large. Principal Tracey Salmon-Smith is quoted in the New Jersey Law Journal article, “Diversity More Than Numbers Game, But Midsize Law Firms Must Play to Win”. The article discusses the importance of creating a firm environment that truly prioritizes diversity and how diversity should be measured by more than just numbers

“It’s something that’s hard to measure because you’re not trying to go on pure numbers,” Tracey said. “Sometimes people run into trouble when they start to talk about numbers. You don’t want a body here just because they fill a certain demographic. … That doesn’t help anybody.”

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