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Bressler Principal Eric Chase was quoted in the Automotive Newsarticle “N.Y. holdback ruling favors Maserati store.” The article discusses a New York judge siding with a Maserati dealership, saying changes to holdback payments constitute modifications to a franchise agreement.

Eric said the substantial revision of New York's dealership law in 2009 allows dealerships such as Wide World to challenge what they feel is a modification of the franchise agreement. "A decision at this level isn't a precedent at a normal sense. It is what we lawyers call a persuasive decision. You can persuade another judge, but you can't bind them," he said. "It's good because other judges are going to read this. It's pretty persuasive language in this case. I would think and hope they would follow it."

Eric’s practice includes working with automotive dealer clients. He advises state associations and contributes to their efforts in the development of state industry laws that promote fairness for franchisees.  

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