All personal injury cases, no matter the facts, involve one common question--- what are the injuries worth?   Set forth below is an update of recent New Jersey verdicts/settlements (reported in November/December 2016)  for certain injuries frequently encountered in New Jersey tort litigation.

Neck and Back

$700,000 Settlement, Auto/Truck (Ocean County): Defendant truck driver loses control making right turn and strikes plaintiff vehicle. Aggravation of cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease resulting in lumbar and cervical fusion. No wage loss claim. Seventy year old male maintained that despite preexisting back and neck pain, surgery was never indicated. (Paris v. Malsbury)

$365,000 Verdict, Auto/Truck (Hunterdon County): Plaintiff rear ended by tractor trailer. Cervical herniations resulting in  fusion surgery. No wage loss claim. (Aronow v. Morales Transport Solutions, et. al.)

$150,000 Verdict, Rear End Collision (Atlantic County): Plaintiff alleged she suffered multiple neck herniations. No surgery and no income claims. (Baldino v. Forrest)

$75,000 Settlement, Rear End Collision (Mercer County): Cervical herniation resulting in chiropractic and orthopedic care. Eight years earlier plaintiff had sustained similar injuries in a prior accident. Plaintiff claims prior injuries resolved. (Douge v. Rosero)

Neck and Other Injuries 

$750,000 Settlement, Rear End Collision (Hudson County): Box truck strikes minibus pushing it into plaintiff’s vehicle. Labral tear of left shoulder with arthroscopic surgery and cervical fusion.  No wage loss claim. (Fernandez v. Zaya, Inc. et. al.)

$175,000 Settlement, Rear End Collision With Major Property Damage. (Ocean County): Plaintiff sustained labral tear to the hip with arthroscopic surgery. Plaintiff further claimed cervical herniations with no surgery. No wage loss claim. (Bernaldo v. Vanalesti)

Neck and back injuries are a common complaints in many personal injury actions. The increase in the number of surgeries, fusion and other wise, is driving up case values. The attorneys at Bressler Amery & Ross are following this apparent trend and will stay updated on all developments.


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