On Friday, October 23, 2015, CMS released a fact sheet to facilitate the consumer experience at, which is the federally facilitated marketplace or “exchange.” With open enrollment beginning November 1, CMS is notifying potential policyholders of new features added to for 2016. The new features are in part based on consumer feedback about prior experience with the site and the type of additional information consumers desire in order to facilitate their choice of an appropriate health plan. Newly improved features for the 2015 open enrollment include:

  • streamlined navigation
  • consumer specific information
  • simplified re-enrollment
  • clearer statement of marketplace eligibility
  • reduction in data-matching issues
  • improvements to the log in screen
  • simplified passwords reset processes
  • new cost features (a new out-of-pocket cost feature has been added to the website to enable consumers to better estimate the cost of health insurance based upon their own personal needs)
  • easier access to providers and prescriptions. Additional BETA features will be launched through the new Doctor Lookup feature and the Prescription Drug Lookup feature when viewing plans and pricing
  • new decision support features
  • faster experience ( has made simplification to its system that resulted in a reduction of hardware on the website by 40%)
  • updated account management systems
  • improved ability to identify problems

 Please refer any questions to Cynthia Borrelli.


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