Bressler Principal David Donahue was quoted in the BHM BIZ article "Coffee with Tom Coan and David Donahue."  

The article discusses the power of good communication skills across all disciplines and businesses.

Communication is key in David Donahue’s business as well. “The client and attorney have to communicate about what is going on and what the expectations are. You don’t want a surprise. Nobody likes that,” Donahue says.

“Legal services have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. You have to change with the industry. Lawyers tend to be very structured, but you have to be open to new things. The challenge is to be mindful of the atmosphere for legal services out there, the trends. You don’t want to be the stodgy firm that refuses to change. We have an opportunity to offer a different structure with a lean staffing model. Clients are very open to that,” Donahue says.

“I think the recession focused a lot of companies on where they were spending money and how they could manage it better. That drove a lot of change in our industry,” he says.

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