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Since March 2020, companies and their employees in the United States and abroad have faced burgeoning challenges outside of the personal, dull undertone of dread and panic surrounding the pandemic. Not only did companies worry about exposure and transmission, but also how to stay productive. Remote work and online communication solved those concerns but brought with them other issues­­­, including maintaining the mental health and stability of company employees. While some employees have welcomed the change, others—often working mothers—have struggled to try to balance productivity with remote schooling and the overall supervision of their children. Indeed, as aptly stated in a recent article, Will COVID-19 Spur Gender Diversity in the Law, “there are those who love remote work and say they’ll never go back to an office and then there are the parents of school-aged children.” It’s funny because it’s true; albeit not so amusing for those who are living with the struggle. Unfortunately, this pandemic appears to have enhanced the struggles of many parents striving to achieve a work-life balance.

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