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As technology advances and more connections are made via the internet, the personal interactions that people have are exponentially more important than they used to be. Therefore, it is an essential element of a successful career to have a clear understanding of your personal brand.

In a recent article entitled “Build Your Personal Brand in 30 Seconds,” author Mary Chung poses a question to her audience. She asks, “What if you only had 30 seconds to make a personal impression that impacted your entire professional life, including your career advancement, your compensation, and what your superiors thought about your personality and your career objectives?” This question is not far from the reality of the modern workplace. Studies show that it can take as little as 30 seconds for someone to make a lasting first impression. Therefore, Chung argues, it is essential that you take steps to make sure the impression is a positive one, especially in a corporate work environment.

This article first appeared on American Bar Association on December 31, 2019. To read the full article please visit American Bar Association. A subscription may be required. 

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