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Lauren Fenton-Valdivia was quoted in a Law360 Pulse article titled What 3 Firms Are Doing About Diversity in NJ Now.  The piece discusses the push for justice and the call for diversity in the workplace in the year following George Floyd's murder.

Lauren was asked about Bressler's recent partnership with Schreyer Honors College at Penn State, which launched a six-week summer program for undergraduate students from underrepresented groups.

"It's a unique way for Bressler to try to address diversity and inclusion," Lauren stated. "I think that a lot of the initiatives that many firms have taken over the years have had good intentions, but haven't always worked in the way that those firms have wished."

Lauren also added, "The thought process here is that a lot of individuals in underrepresented communities just don't have the same historical access to the law, particularly in private practice, as others do.  Really, we're looking to maintain contact with these young students during the duration of their education and then hopefully into their careers, with the ideal situation that they return to us year after year and come to practice with us after law school."

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