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It may be slightly delayed, but Mexico is about to legalize marijuana.

Now, the U.S. lags behind its two neighboring countries, which have permitted pot for recreational use within their borders once Mexico joins Canada. If countries keep legalizing cannabis at that rate they are now, America needs to get on the weed wagon, a fact according to a few experts in the industry.

Branded the “cannabis concierge,” by his clients at New York-based law firm Bressler, Amery & Ross, Nik Komyati, who chairs a Cannabis Practice Group, said Mexico’s upcoming legalization is yet another sign that prohibition in the United States will be coming to an end.

“The reality is with legal countries to its north and south, being prohibitionist is untenable and will do nothing other than cede the market to our Canadian and Mexican neighbors,” Komyati said. “One would think that the majority of our legislators will realize that sooner rather than later.”

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