New Jersey courts continue to address lumbar an cervical injuries with Middlesex County leading the way. Set  forth below are some recent verdicts/settlements to keep your mind off COVID-19.

Cervical and Lumbar Herniations and Bulges (no surgery) :  $750,000

25 year old driver suffered two cervical herniations and one lumbar herniation and several bulges in a stipulated liability case. Jury was advised to consider that plaintiff would suffer 51 years of pain.

(Middlesex County, 2019)

Cervical fusion and Lumbar bulge: $400,00

Plaintiff driver, mid 50’s, suffered a herniation at C5-6 requiring fusion surgery and a lumbar bulge.  No income claims.

(Middlesex County , 2019)

Cervical herniation with fusion:  $300,000

Plaintiff (40’s) struck in rear while stopped in traffic.  She contended that she incurred two lumber herniations and a cervical herniation resulting in fusion surgery.  No lost income claim.

(Essex County, 2019)

Disc Bulge:  $250,000

Liability was stipulated where defendant failed to stop at intersection and struck plaintiff’s vehicle.  Plaintiff (in her 40’s) showed the property damage photographs at trial which reflected significant damage.  Plaintiff suffered a disc bulge and underwent chiropractic treatment with 8 injections.  No income claim.

(Middlesex County, 2019)

Cervical fusion: $225,000

Plaintiff, age 40, was a  passenger in a vehicle struck in the rear.  She underwent fusion  surgery at C5-6.  Plaintiff did not assert any wage loss claim.

(Essex County, 2019)

Shoulder and Knee: $350,000

Pedestrian  (late 40s) struck in roadway.  Plaintiff sustained complete tear of  right shoulder with a ruptured bicep on dominant side requiring surgery.  Injuries also included tear of medial meniscus with no surgical intervention.  No wage loss claim.

(Union County, 2019)

Neck and back injuries  continues to be a common complaint arising from trucking accidents. The increase in the number of surgeries, fusion and other wise, is driving up case values. The attorneys at Bressler Amery & Ross are following this and will keep you updated.


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