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FLORHAM PARK, NEW JERSEY, MARCH 31, 2014 – Bressler, Amery & Ross, P.C. congratulates attorneys Andrew W. Sidman and Susan George for their successful pro bono work on behalf of No Greater Sacrifice (NGS), an organization that honors the sacrifices of our military members by investing in their children’s education.

NGS volunteers had been working with the widow of a serviceman, who had served 13 years in both the Army and Air Force. Tragically, he committed suicide 10 months after being discharged in March 2011. For the last two years, this widow had been unable to secure veterans benefits for herself and her two dependent children.

Last summer, NGS contacted Bressler partner Andrew Sidman, who agreed to represent this widow before the Department of Veterans Affairs. He called upon associate Susan George for help and with Susan carrying the laboring oar, they made the case that the veteran’s suicide had been the result of trauma from his years of military service.

Just this month, the widow received confirmation that her application for veterans benefits for herself and her two children had been approved.  She received a sizable back payment for the last two years and will receive monthly payments going forward.


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