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On May 4, 2021, Wes Holston was given the Advocate of the Year Award by Southeastern Women in Financial Services (SWIFS), during the organizations Fifth Annual Spring Symposium.

The SWIFS Advocate Award was created to recognize individuals or entities outside of the organization that have made a notable impact by acting as a champion for women in the financial services industry. Award recipients may be a mentor to SWIFS members, advocate for women in the financial services industry in a meaningful way, or materially promote the advancement of women in the financial services industry. The purpose of the award is to recognize those who support, promote and value women in the industry and to encourage others to adopt the same purpose and actions.

Founded in 2016, SWIFS is a network of corporate counsel and outside legal advisers in the financial services industry across the Southeastern United States. Its mission is to enrich the professional lives of its members through leadership, networking with industry professionals, coaching, mentoring and continuing legal education and supporting the financial education and economic security of women in the Southeast through community partnerships, education and advocacy.


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