The members of our Neutral Arbitrators and Mediators practice group are deeply experienced, independent neutrals who are regularly selected by adversaries to help them resolve their disputes, either once a lawsuit is filed or, ideally, before it occurs. Bressler’s Neutral Arbitrators and Mediators team is strongly committed to the idea that ADR is a quicker, more cost-effective means of resolving civil disputes.

Bressler’s Neutral Arbitrators and Mediators team is comprised of highly seasoned attorneys and a former Superior Court judge, as well as attorneys who are members of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), and state-approved mediators. Our Neutral Arbitrators and Mediators team is regularly selected and referred to by other lawyers, and by federal and state courts, to act as mediators and arbitrators in business, employment and family law matters.  

Our Neutral Arbitrators and Mediators team regularly provides third-party neutral services in family, probate and civil matters as an arbitrator, mediator and discovery master, assists with settlement negotiations or case management of complex cases, and can conduct internal corporate investigations. The team also regularly handles a wide variety of labor and employment disputes serving as independent mediators and arbitrators, and as independent investigators of internal workplace complaints.

Leveraging our experience as both litigators and neutrals, Bressler’s Attorneys are adept at helping navigate the nuances of ADR rules and procedures, while placing particulate emphasis on a comprehensive focus on satisfactory resolution that upholds the rights of all parties, meets objectives, preserves relationships, and avoids the time and expense associated with traditional litigation.


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