Bressler Principal Denver Edwards was quoted in the Directors & Boards article ‘New Wall Street Cop Won’t “Slash and Burn.”’

The article discusses the actions that incoming SEC Chairman Jay Clayton is likely going to take during his first several months in office.

Denver Edwards, a principal at Bressler and a former SEC attorney, says Clayton’s leadership will be “more focus on regulatory and finance issues, rather than enforcement issues.”

Edwards maps out Clayton’s objections for the SEC like this:

  • Capital formation (IPOs),
  • Efficient markets (regulatory rollback),
  • And investor protection (enforcement).

“These goals are consistent with the SEC’s mission,” he says. “Strong corporate governance (system of rules, practices and processes that balances the interests of stakeholders) and board leadership will be necessary to achieve them.”

While time will tell what actually plays out on the ground, Edwards predicts, Clayton “will be careful to ensure that companies follow governance best practices while advocating more risk-taking.”

To read the entire article on the Directors & Boards website, click here.

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