Hope Zelinger, Krista Elsasser, Linda Berns, Michael Shifrin and Austin Flickstein will present "Uncovering Fraudulent Roof Claims" at the Florida Insurance Fraud Education Committee (FIFEC) 2022 Conference on June 9, 2022. They will be joined by Daniel Frates, Senior Principal Engineer at Sdii Global.

The presentation will discuss:

  • Anatomy of a Roof, Materials, and Methods of Attachment
  • Typical Damage Indicators and Factors Affecting Life Expectancy
  • Common Types of Installation and Manufacturing Deficiencies
  • Industry Standards for Installing Roof Cladding 
  • Building Code Issues
  • Florida Law Interpretation on Damages
  • Tools to Fight Fraud
  • Questions and Answers

Click here to learn more about the conference or to register. 

Bressler is a proud sponsor of this year's event.

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