Our Environmental Practice Group has a nationwide presence, representing Fortune 500 companies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries, at Superfund sites around the country.  Our team’s experience includes prosecuting and defending complex multi-party CERCLA claims both in court and in mediated allocation processes with respect to legacy contamination resulting from historic manufacturing operations.  Our team’s multi-faceted approach includes conducting in-depth factual investigations into historic operations, retaining expert assistance on complex technical issues relating to causation, such as chemical fingerprinting, contaminant pathways, and fate-and-transport analyses, and working closely with our clients’ in-house counsel and remediation staff to develop innovative strategies that align with their business objectives.

Our activity is this area also includes negotiating with both federal and state regulatory agencies concerning the substance and scope of cleanup activities.  Our attorneys have served as common counsel for multiple defendants at CERCLA/Superfund sites in a number of administrative cases and litigated matters.

As part of its Superfund practice, our Environmental Practice Group’s expertise includes defending claims brought by federal and state agencies to recover damages for injury to natural resources, advising our clients on their options for assessing and restoring injured resources and services, and negotiating the resolution of these claims with relevant federal and state natural resource damage trustees. 

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