Bressler’s Estate Planning and Administration attorneys bring decades of experience to every matter.  We have worked with thousands of clients to prepare estate plans – and the wills, trusts and other documents that implement those plans – that reflect their most important priorities and their unique circumstances.  We believe that a well-prepared estate plan will fit the client well.  Some clients may require more complex planning approaches to address specific family, business, or tax planning goals.  For other clients, a simple and direct plan may be appropriate.  Whatever the circumstances, our attorneys bring a thoughtful approach, sophisticated analysis, and common sense to every matter to ensure that our client’s most important estate planning goals are realized.  Put simply, your peace of mind is our top priority. 

The attorneys and paralegals on our Estate Planning and Administration team assist our clients with the challenges of serving as the executor of an estate or as trustee of a trust.  Serving as a fiduciary requires attention to the various and sometimes competing demands of beneficiaries and a multitude of legal and tax obligations and deadlines.  Our attorneys and staff will guide an executor or trustee through that thicket efficiently and effectively.  We leverage our extensive collective experience to address the particular challenges – estate or income tax liabilities, difficult beneficiaries, beneficiaries with unique circumstances, challenging or illiquid assets, or cross-border considerations, just to name just a few – that may arise during the administration of any estate or trust.  We hope that, with our assistance, our fiduciary clients can view their responsibilities as an honor and privilege, rather than a risk and a burden.  If you are the executor or administrator of an estate, or the trustee of a trust, we are ready to help you.


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